At Arwa Pharmacy, we understand how important it is to be able to speak face-to-face with a Pharmacist about your medicines and prescriptions. Our services give you the chance to speak to a healthcare professional about your concerns and receive expert advice on how to improve your health

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We will be refilling your prescriptions on time to ensure that you will never forget or skip the right schedule for your intake. We will also be notifying you when your medications are ready for pick-up. Feel free to stop on by, or contact us about your needs


This is an opportunity for our pharmacist to discuss and review the medicines you are taking to ensure you are using them correctly and getting the maximum benefit. We will explain clearly and simply, without any medical jargon, what they are for and the conditions they treat and identify any possible side effects that you may be experiencing. We will listen to you and any problems you are having with your medicines, provide advice and support and if necessary contact your Doctor to discuss any issues that arise from our conversation.

Document Scanning

Laminating – A3, A4, A5

Custom label prints – 12mm